Thursday, March 7, 2013

St Fatty's day and 2 Frame bags ready to ship!

Howdy folks!

Had some fun this past weekend at St Fatty's day fatbike race down in Gaylord. Weather was nice and sunny but still cold and snowy. Perfect conditions for a fatbike race. Looked like people had a good time even though the course softened up a bit and gave people a run for their money. Anyway, I got to party with Scotty Q and his lady Christina. We were also blessed with the presence of Mr. Bob and Mr. Pat Smackenfanny from Ann Arbor. Fun times!

Anyway, I have two fatbike bags for sale. One for a large Pugsley and one for a large Mukluk. So these bags have a flared front for more capacity, vertical velcro divider, drive side mesh pockets and non drive side map pocket. These sell for $120, so if you are in need shoot me an email.

So the black bag with the gray spine is for the large Pugsley and the gray with black spine is for a large Mukluk.

Here's some random pictures to check out.


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  1. Hi, I am looking to have a triangle bag made for a medium surly ecr, are you making these bags?
    how do I order? how much?