Friday, February 1, 2013

Stickboy, Alaska and some new stuff

 Stickboy, Barking Bear and Quiring way up there in Alaska!
 I haven't heard the full report yet but, something about frozen zippers was mentioned.
 I am totally jealous!
 John's new seat bag ready for RVing around the countryside.
 That's a recycled sail. Save the planet!!
 Screw computers these are my kind of accessories!!!
The Man himself!

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  1. Hi Jason:

    We work at Ski Hut in Duluth, MN and we're interested in your bags. We especially like your fuel sack and fat bike frame bags. We were also wondering if you make any pogies...we are looking for a source for our shop. Can you send us more information on what you're offering and what the prices are? You can email us at .